In addition to the considerations made in the “Legal Notice”, the website of Mar Azul accepts the following privacy conditions: The listings published on this website and containing personal data are adjusted to the current data protection legislation. These lists do not constitute a source of public access, in the sense of the LOPD, and may not be reproduced in whole or in part, nor transmitted nor registered by any information retrieval system, without the consent of the affected parties.

Additionally, we inform the users of this website of the following points so that they can decide freely and voluntarily if they wish to provide the personal data that may be requested through the use of the different services offered:

  • The personal data requested from users will be strictly necessary to provide the services of this website.
  • Free subscriptions will be validated by sending a message to your email address to confirm your will.
  • The subscription to any of these services will ensure the exclusive reception of the contents of the same and not of any other information.
  • The data requested will have the treatment specified in the privacy notice linked to the request for personal data that you are going to provide, which may be included in any of the files owned by the Blue Sea, or being used only to respond to your approach, without being stored in any other computerized or manual support.
  • Likewise, the purpose of the collection of your data will be specified in the privacy notice linked to the option or service that you choose or request.
  • When you send us an email to any of the e-mail addresses that we put at your disposal to contact us, if you include personal data in it, you authorize us to incorporate your personal data into our corresponding files, legally registered in the.
  • General Registry of Data Protection, if the Blue Sea deems it convenient, and these will be regulated by this privacy policy.
  • The personal data you provide us will not be transferred to any company nor will they be available to third parties, being used only for the purposes established in the specific collection of the same.