Bluish-violet in colour with an intense, brilliant red interior when perfectly ripe.

This is a ribbed-shoulder tomato with a mildly crunchy and smooth texture and low acidity.

A health-giving tomato, source of vitamins C and B6.

Perfect drizzled with a good olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt flakes or accompanied with salt-cured meat or fish and deli preserves.

Selected growers

Our selected growers raise the Mar Azul tomato in south-eastern Spain, one of the best Mediterranean growing regions, where climate and growing conditions combine with the fruit’s natural characteristics to produce outstanding health-giving properties that can be enjoyed at any table.

The Mar Azul tomato is a new variety of tomato obtained by totally natural techniques. The tomato’s bluish colour is due to a high concentration of anthocyanins, natural plant pigments that afford significant health benefits.

We should also point out the delicious flavour, aroma and sensations evoked by the tomato in the mouth.

Flavour Aroma Texture


The Mar Azul tomato has been the subject of rigorous nutritional studies to determine its functional and health-giving properties. The University of Granada's Department of Food Science and Technology presented the results of the physicochemical analysis, certifying the tomato's vitamin C and B6 content.

Source of Vitamin C

Reduces tiredness and fatigue.
Promotes normal collagen production for healthy bone, cartilage, gum, skin and dental function.
Aids nervous and immune system functions.
Protects cells from oxidative damage.

Source of Vitamin B6

Regulates hormonal activity.
Contributes to the healthy functioning of immune and nervous systems.
Promotes normal energetic metabolism and red blood cell formation.
Reduces tiredness and fatigue.


Natural pigments that give the tomato its bluish hue and outstanding health-giving properties:
Highly antioxidant.
Anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic.
Immune system boosting.

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